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Angel High School is a unique school, which is known for its good discipline. Strict administrations excellent result, honesty, dedication and the best code of conduct. It stands as an abode of good moral values which go a long way in designing a good human being with strong character. This institution is started to cater the need of children and guardians. Obviously there is no effort on our part to multiply the number of public school nor do we keep in view to replenish our coffer. True and dynamic education has been fore front of our aims. The students are aimed at to be trained to gain proficiency in all the subjects.

It is the work of the school which will show its feat in a very span of time. The fragrance will scatter it self. The vocational spirit infused into the mind of the pupils will render them self-sufficient to cope with all situations in life.

Library facilities are thrown open for the students, because a house without books is like a dark room. No man has a right to bright up his children without surrounding them with books. Computer education is necessary for Std 1 and upwards, because it is modern education. The school lays special emphasis on music, fine art and handicraft. Qualified and up-to-marks faculties have been engaged to train the students is these skill.

Our school has a scheme of scholarship, we provide free education to the talented students since 2005. the selection of such students depends upon their result as well as minute survey and the decision of the school commitee.

Moreover emphasis is laid on work experience, fine art, out door games and co-curricular activities. All the teacher will have regard for child psychology which is one of the basic principles of American based educational system. We shall spare no pain to build the career of the pupils studying here.


                                                                                                                                                         SHABIHA KHANAM