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Dear Parents,

Angel High School is an English medium School. It is unique institution in Darbhanga ,Bihar which promises to impart education of international standard to meet the challenging needs of providing comprehensive quality education for the total development of personality of the child.

The School's programme is designed to meet the individual needs of each child and to provide a firm foundation of academic skill, work habits and attitudes necessary for success in higher education.

We believe that the cultural moorings of students must be nurtured in such a way that they develop spontaneous respect and tolerance towards all nationalities, castes and creed. We want to cultivate the learning experience beyond the classroom. A rich offering of multidimensional activities aims to aid in developing the individuals as a whole.

Angel High School covers a large campus providing facilities for sports, games, yoga etc.

Our aim is to cultivate the ground for proper blooming of talent within, preparing the students to face competitive world with faith, confidence and knowledge.  Moral and spiritual fibre of personality has paramount significance and is well taken care of.

We aim at encouraging initiative, entrepreneurship, resourcefulness, determination, futuristic outlook and dignity of labour. Various activities are included that are suited to the unfolding of specific potentialities of the child. We see to it that our students do not remain confined to classroom activities only but are motivated to take interest in the world around them.

We are committed to see the desired growth of your children and fulfilment of your expectations from us. Your satisfaction is our goal and mission for tomorrow that's doubtful ! simply think of today that is present before you, and kindle your enthusiasm for it.