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                           The true aim of teaching is not only to impart education but to widen the range of students mind so that they may be able to build their future career without ignoring their formative period.

Children are the angels on this earth, they lack understanding. It is essential to bring their minds to proper tune by new device and psychological approach. ‘angelic infancy’ is a stage when proper training is needed to be given. With this end in view the school ‘ Angel High School’ came into being. The persistent demand of the educated and pesponsible people of the town to start and ideal institution for children is another factor towards the establishment of this school. The school is away from the noises and it has calm atsmosphere. The school is to run of American based educational system, as such it is single of it kind in darbhanga. The students will be taught to elevate their morality. The child of today will be the intellectual figure of to-morrow. It is therefore necessary that they should be made able to face situations boldly. It has a big ground for sport as well strict, affectionate and highly qualified teachers impart education who will also supervise the upbringing of the children.